About us

Our Company

The brand Charmsforpals, founded in Milan 2011, represents the expression of taste of the “Made in Italy”. Our adventure began in a small environment with close friends, and started out by producing valued cufflinks, rings and bracelets. After a few   months, the production enlarged even more, introducing watches and a brand new home collection   named “Wunderkammer”. The philosophy behind our work meets halfway between fantasy and refinement, thanks to the handmade quality of the pieces. Each item is produced in a very limited number; cufflinks, rings, bracelets will vary from being unique, up to having 20-30 pieces whilst the home series “Wunderkammer” is composed of unique single pieces. Our aim is to create everlasting and significative objects, maintaining prices very low, to show that not always quality is a symbol of expensiveness. Our  primary materials combine  natural elements (shells, ostrich eggs, dried flowers etc..) with other materials (bronze, glass work etc...) for a continuous research of harmonious associations. The “Wunderkammer” series  is composed of fantastic decorated chests, candlesticks, centrepieces and sets for the dining table: they are inspired by the “Room of wonders”, originated during the late Renaissance time. The “Room of wonders” or “Wunderkammer” were places where marvellous collectibles were assembled; they were designated to surprise visitors, with refined, carefully assembled and ecletic collections. Animals, fossils, minerals, plants, and wonders created by men could live together in an aesthetic and intellectual pleasure.

Our team

Our team consists of a restricted group of people that lovingly researches the materials used for our productions which are then assembled by hand. Research and   assembly are an artefact of a same process of attention and selection of each object.


For further information on our production, don’t hesitate to contact us as our email address: info@charmsforpals.com